Maglev Rail for Tenerife

                         Santa Cruz - Las Americas in 24 minutes

A Maglev rail system could connect Tenerife’s South with the North in the coming years. These are in any case the plans of the island’s government and its president, Ricardo Melchior.


The envisaged route would be about 120 kilometres in length with some 13 stations, from Playa de las Americas in the south over Los Cristianos to the South-Reina Sofia Airport and along the south coast up to Santa Cruz. From there, the Maglev line would lead over La Laguna, the Tenerife North Airport, the metropolis Puerto de la Cruz and continue to Los Realejos.


                   Gale - Plan Tenerife Maglev


The Maglev line would almost halve today’s travel time by car from the capital Santa Cruz to Las Americas (about 80 km) from about one hour to 34 minutes, despite stops at all stations. An express trip without a stop would take only approximately 24 minutes.


The EU is positive about the plans for a Maglev line on the Canary Islands, providing for construction period of six years. Since a first feasibility study supports the project in principle, discussions have taken place with the EU concerning financing the project up to 50 percent. Among other things, as the Maglev technology is regarded as particularly environmentally friendly, the operating costs are low and the construction could reduce the enormous unemployment. Accordingly, the EU would take over 1.5 billion euros of the estimated total cost of around 8.5 billion euros.


The energy requirement of the Maglev train on Tenerife should be covered up to 85 percent via solar energy systems. In addition, the project aims to reduce the high unemployment rate in Tenerife and also promote tourism on the island.



Gale - Tenerife Maglev Project