Maglev Rail for the UAE

                        Dubai - Abu Dhabi in 25 minutes

Together with a partner company in the UAE, SwissRapide AG is working on the development of a project to connect the Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an ultra-speed Maglev rail system, with travel times of 25 minutes between the two cities.


Based on an initial study carried out by SwissRapide AG, the system with a total length of about 175 km would foresee connections to the following key locations in the UAE:


    • Dubai International Airport


    • Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall


    • Al Maktoum International Airport


    • Dubai Marina


    • Yas Island


    • Abu Dhabi International Airport


    • Masdar City


    • Al Bateen Airport


    • Abu Dhabi

It would also be feasible to include the Dubai Expo 2020 site in the UAE Maglev rail system, as well as a later connection to Palm Jebel Ali.


The system would be highly sustainable since up to 80% of the power required could be supplied by locally produced solar power. Through this, the system would significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the UAE.


Gale - Dubai Abu Dhabi


Depending on the mobility needs in the region, the system could also be extended to connect to Sharja and with Doha in Qatar.