A New Maglev Rail System for the Turkish Riviera

               Connecting Antalya and Alanya in 30 minutes

In cooperation with a European partner company and with Turkish State Railways (TCDD), SwissRapide AG has been working on the promotion of a project to connect Antalya and Alanya on the Turkish Riviera with an ultra-speed Maglev rail system.


Today, the region enjoys about 25 million visitors per year, some of which take over a 2 hour journey by bus until they have reached their resort.


With a total distance of about 135 km, the travel time between the cities would be reduced to about 30 minutes. An initial study carried out by SwissRapide AG also foresees stops at scenic Side Belediyesi / Manavgat, as well as at major resorts along the coastline. The concept developed by SwissRapide would also include providing taxi/mini-bus/pod-car service at each station in order to bring visitors directly to the front door of their hotel.


The system would be highly sustainable since up to 80% of the power required could be supplied by locally produced solar power. Through this, the system would significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the area.


The construction of a SwissRapide Maglev based system would not only bring a significant economic boost to the region, but would also attract new visitors to the already very attractive area.



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