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SwissRapide AG is worldwide pioneer and competence centre for the planning, construction and operation of ultra-fast, high-performance and highly reliable Maglev (magnetic levitation) rail systems and projects around the globe. Our solutions meet the global need for environmentally sustainable, intelligent transportation systems that solve today's growing traffic congestion problems and address mobility needs for generations to come.


SwissRapide Maglev rail systems are based on the proven Transrapid Maglev technology, the most advanced innovation in railway technology in the last 50 years. The system hovers in the air instead of rolling, thanks to magnetic levitation, thus the vehicles have no physical contact with the guideway. This enables the system to be highly energy efficient, allows operating speeds of easily up to 500 km/h and significantly reduces the total cost of system ownership.


The SwissRapide Maglev rail system has the following advantages over conventional high-speed railway systems:


Ultra-speed: 2 - 3 times faster point-to-point connections


Energy efficient: 25% less energy consumption per seat & km at 300 km/h


Environmentally friendly: 50 % less noise emissions at 300 km/h


Cost efficient: 5 times lower maintenance and operating costs


Smart urban planning: Elevated guideway requires 6 times less land


Punctual: Fully automated, highly reliable system


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New Delhi, 15.09.2020

Cooperation between Switzerland and India

To expand its footprint in the urban transportation sector as a part of its diversification initiatives, India’s largest engineering firm, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), has signed an agreement for cooperation with SwissRapide AG for Maglev Train projects in India.


The MoU was signed by SV Srinivasan, GM and Head (Transportation Business Group), BHEL and Niklaus H Koenig, President and CEO, SwissRapide AG, with the intent to expand BHEL’s footprint in the urban transportation sector as a part of its diversification initiatives.


The agreement has been signed in the backdrop of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s endeavour “Make in India” and the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives. It will enable BHEL to bring the latest, world-class technology to India and manufacture state-of-the-art Maglev Trains indigenously.


The MoU sets out the foundation to cooperate and explore mutually beneficial business opportunities, and utilise both companies’ inherent capabilities, skills, knowledge and assets.


Oslo, 10.03.2020

Norwegian Ultra-Highspeed Maglev Train Project

The President and CEO of SwissRapide, Niklaus H. Koenig, as well as Vice President Aida S. von Schulman met with representatives of organisations in Norway such as Innovasjon Norge and Smart Innovation Norway concerning the development of the Norwegian Ultra-Highspeed Maglev Train Project proposed by SwissRapide.

The Project foresees connecting Oslo and the Gardermoen International Airport with other major cities in Norway such as Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim via a Maglev Train network with travel time between the cities of less than 90 minutes (road/rail today: 7-9 hours). The Maglev train system would practically eliminate flights and road traffic between the cities, reducing Norway’s carbon footprint by millions of tons annually.


Muscat/Zurich, 09.02.2020

Muscat Maglev Metro Train Project

Based on requests from government representatives in Oman, SwissRapide has launched discussions with major companies in the country concerning the planning and development of the Muscat Maglev Metro Train Project. 

The innovative project will not only be the first mass transit system for Oman, but will indeed be the first railway line of any kind in this fascinating country. 

Fast, carbon-neutral and energy-efficient, the Project is based on a PPP financing model and aims to attract significant FDI, thus providing a significant economic boost for Oman.



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