SwissRapide Express West

In 10 minutes from Lausanne to Geneva
every 5 minutes

In the project SwissRapide Express West, a line route with a distance of 67 km between the main train stations of Lausanne and Geneva is planned, including the integration of the Aéroport international de Genève. The travel time between Lausanne and Geneva would be approximately 10 minutes, depending on the number of stops between the two cities. The route and the stations must yet be co-ordinated with the canton, the cities and municipalities in the region within the context of the feasibility study.


With departures every 5 minutes during peak hours, SwissRapide offers at least 6-fold capacity for the line between Lausanne and Geneva, compared with today's railway services. In addition, a significant shift from road to public transport in the region is expected thanks to the SwissRapide Express.




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