A Maglev Rail System for Iran

              Connecting Tehran and Mashhad in less than 3 hours

                                       via the Caspian See

In cooperation with a European partner company as well as with a Swiss/Iranian business development representative in Iran, since 2008 SwissRapide AG has been working on the promotion of a project to connect Tehran and Mashhad with an ultra-speed Maglev rail system. The travel time between the cities, including connections to major cities in the Caspian See region, would be just less than 3 hours.


Based on an initial study carried out by SwissRapide AG, the system with a total length of just under 1000 km between Tehran and Mashhad, could also include stations in the following cities and locations:


    • Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport


    • Mehrabad International Airport


    • Qaemshahr


    • Sari


    • Gorgan


    • Bojnord


    • Shirvan


    • Quchan


    • Mashhad International Airport

The system would be highly sustainable since up to 80% of the power required could be supplied by locally produced solar power.



Gale - Tehran_Mashhad_Map