Port - Aida von SchulmanDr. Aida S. von Schulman

Vice President, Board of Directors

Chief Sustainability Officer


Dr. Aida von Schulman, BSc (Hons), MSc /MES (Hons), LL.M., PhD is the Vice President and the Chief Sustainability Officer at SwissRapide AG.


She has successfully completed degrees in International Business, European Economics, Behavioural Psychology and Law studies. During her school years, she developed an academic curiosity for the history of the USSR and modern-day Russia along with European affairs. After completing high school with academic excellence, she joined military forces and served in Afghanistan as a communications officer. In 2006 she achieved international lawyer's qualification with specialisation in Commercial Law.


Aida von Schulman started her professional career in public sector as a foreign affairs officer with main focus in international business, CIS and EU diplomacy, as well as strategic communications. In the past, she worked for the Ministry of the Interior of Finland on the EU-funded projects and EU legal affairs, and has also collaborated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the CIS Energy Law and commercial activities in Oil & Gas Safety Policy. 


Prior to joining the SwissRapide team, she worked at the Embassy of Canada to Helsinki as a Political Program and Public Affairs Attaché. Among promoting Canadian government policy, interests and supporting bilateral relations in regard to political platform, she advised on matters of Finnish & EU regulations, economic development, as well as provided operational advices on cultural issues. In addition to her political responsibilities, she also collaborated with Embassy Trade Commission in developing strategic relations and supporting previously established relations with large international companies, focusing on technology, forestry and transportation, specifically in the rail industry.


In April of 2013, Aida von Schulman took over the position of Managing Director Business Development at SwissRapide AG. Her main role is to promote the company in connection with private investors and to develop the communications strategy for the SwissRapide Express und further SwissRapide Maglev rail projects. Since 2013, she has also supported Swiss Railway Engineering SRE GmbH with her international expertise, where she has worked on the promotion and acquisition of numerous railway projects around the world. 


At SwissRapide AG, she has had the lead in organising discussions with key stakeholders in Finland concerning the implementation of the € 25 billion FinEst Link project based on SwissRapide Ultra-Highspeed Maglev Rail systems.


In 2015 she took over the role as Vice President of the Board of Directors of SwissRapide AG.




  • International Association of Business Communicators
  • European Women Lawyers Association
  • International Bar Association  
  • European Law Institute