The SwissRapide Sponsoring Programme

The SwissRapide Express® is one of the most fascinating and innovative projects worldwide:

Flying without leaving the ground:


By becoming a sponsor of the SwissRapide project and being part of this once in a century project, your organisation will get the opportunity to significantly expand its marketing profile in Switzerland and around Europe. As a sponsor, your company will be closely associated with the values of the SwissRapide project: Innovative, Visionary, Fast, Reliable, Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Building for Tomorrow, Meeting Customer Needs.


Working together with some of the best marketing, public relations and media companies, we are working hard to make SwissRapide one of the best known trademarks in Switzerland. The intensive, innovative marketing campaign is a major cornerstone of the project and provides an excellent sponsorting platform to profile your company nationally and internationally.


We welcome you to become a part of it!


For more information concerning sponsoring, please contact:


Aida S. von Schulman

Tel. +41 (0)78 704 83 63